Susan Barnes Counselling 

Counselling for individuals, couples, young people, Farnham, Surrey, Hampshire borders

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

How does it work?

How do I know you are properly qualified and experienced?

Each session lasts fifty minutes.  We normally meet once a week, although this can vary.  The number of sessions varies according to the needs of the individual client, from four to six sessions to continuing therapy over a period of months or, very occasionally, years.  The client is in control in deciding when to end counselling.   You can always arrange to meet for one initial session and then take your time in deciding whether or not you want to continue with further sessions.

Each session costs £50, payable at each session in cash or by cheque.  I do not accept credit or debit cards but I may on occasion agree to payment by bank transfer if counselling is long term.   I am registered with Aviva Health Insurance, Bupa and Healix Health Services as a provider of psychological/counselling therapy.

I work using an integrated approach.  This means that I incorporate ideas from different counselling theories and adapt my way of working to suit the individual client.    

A psychiatrist called Carl Rogers, working in the middle of the last century, found that relating to clients with empathy, sincerity and warmth was instrumental in itself in enabling clients to work towards feeling better.  This is called a person-centred approach and is the basis of virtually all counselling. 

I also incorporate psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural elements into the way I work.  Psychodynamic refers to the idea that the mind includes conscious and unconscious experience and that mental and emotional processess and experiences, often unconscious, are constantly changing/moving/influencing not only the individual's state of mind but his or her relationships with other people. 

Cognitive behavioural theories use the basic idea that what we think influences how we feel and behave.

I think it is important to bear in mind that research has shown that the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor is more important than the type of approach used in predicting how successful counselling will be in helping the client.

I am listed on the BACP Register.  Check online at